These days it seems like there’s a “national day” for everything. Seriously. In case you were looking for an excuse to celebrate, there’s National Marshmallow Day (August 30th), National Don’t Wear Socks Day (May 8th), and National Waffle Iron Day (June 29th). And we’re just naming a few absurdities here.


But on May 3rd, Twig + Petal is celebrating a day we can really get behind—National Garden Meditation Day. We think it’s a beautiful excuse to carve out a few extra minutes of “me” time, get outside (and outside ourselves), and reconnect with Mother Nature—because after all, we think she’s one badass babe.


Don’t have a garden? No problem. Twig + Petal invites you to trade in your slightly sad desk lunch in favor of hoofing it a local park (there’s lots of them—we promise!) to dine al fresco. Bask in the sunshine (don’t forget the SPF), breathe deeply (perhaps take this Twig + Petal handy helper along), and use all of your senses to connect with nature’s beauty. It’s the only excuse you’ll ever need to stop and smell the flowers. Up for a quick meditation? Go Zen, girl. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, we think you’ll be surprised by how much peace you’ll gain. And it will make your evening commute gridlock so much more bearable, we promise.

Check out Twig + Petal’s Awakening, De-stress, and Gratitude Blends. Perfect for National Garden Meditation Day—and every other day in the calendar year.

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