Rooted in Nature

Growing up on a farm in northern Canada, I was raised with a deep appreciation for the healing power of the land. One of my earliest memories is foraging for wild chamomile, which we would brew into a relaxing tea to help soothe my younger sister’s teething. In those early days, nature provided most all of the tools my family needed to sustain and thrive.

When I moved to Los Angeles twelve years ago, I happily traded sub-zero winters for year-round sunshine, but missed my physical connection to the land. A few years later, however, I was presented with an opportunity to tap into my childhood nature lessons in a way that would change the life of someone I loved dearly.

In 2006, a close friend of mine was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. He was burned extensively all over his body and suffered from debilitating nerve damage and swelling. Feeling helpless as countless doctors told me to expect the worst, I decided to tap into my roots and create an essential oil blend for him to apply to his wounds. The doctors were astounded at how quickly he began to heal, and it became clear that I was truly tapping into something powerful.

Planting the seeds

After witnessing firsthand the power of essential oils, I committed myself to learning all I could about them. To say it became my “passion” is probably an understatement… I traveled the world speaking to doctors, naturalists, and chemists. I collected hundreds of formulations from indigenous cultures, European hospitals, and holistic healing centers around the world. I visited the exact geographical locations that grow the most naturally potent wild plants— from Australia, to France, Peru, Bulgaria, and India.

I worked side-by-side with farmers in these countries to learn traditional harvesting and distilling methods, which result in the most concentrated oils. I was amazed to discover that plants can do so much more than just heal—they can serve as aphrodisiacs, act as natural insect repellants, calm and focus the mind, and even uplift the mood and improve your memory.

Growing my vision

My vision for Twig + Petal is to source only the highest quality plants from around the world, working directly with farmers to ensure fair wages (as well as fair prices for our consumers!). I believe consumers deserve access to the healing power of nature without having to compromise on purity and integrity. Twig + Petal aims to makes essential oils accessible, convenient, and affordable. Essential oils have done so much to help my life and those of those dearest to me, and it is my sincere wish that Twig + Petal provides the same healing benefits for you.