Essentials with Roots.

Twig + Petal is committed to essentials that go beyond organic. Our products are 100% pure and naturally concentrated to deliver the most powerful wellness—just as Mother Nature intended. All of our goods are handcrafted and produced in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and attention to every detail. Twig + Petal is nature’s pharmacy, delivering essential oils with integrity and heart.

Our Purity Pledge

Twig + Petal essential oils take a refreshingly pure approach to wellness. From the plants we selectively source and harvest to our extraction and distilling processes, we are dedicated to bringing you only the very best. We test each and every batch of oils prior to bottling to ensure they uphold the highest standards. Because we believe that nature has given us all the tools for total wellness at our fingertips… it’s our job to unlock their potential.

The Twig + Petal Difference

The Twig + Petal difference starts at the root level. We begin by sourcing and harvesting wild plants growing in their natural habitats, because it goes without saying that the strongest effects comes from the strongest plants—those that have been forced to evolve and adapt to changing threats and environmental conditions. The plants we source come from all over the world, like lavender from Provence, France and Sandalwood from Mysore, India. Twig + Petal farmers use centuries-old planting techniques that account for the most ideal growing conditions (like harvesting only during optimal lunar phases). Our gentle, low-pressure, low-temperature distillation process helps preserve the natural integrity of the plants. The result? Powerfully concentrated oils with the unparalleled power to renew, heal, awaken, and soothe.

Commit ment to Integrity

Integrity is an essential part of Twig + Petal’s DNA. Our commitment to quality and transparency reaches far beyond the oils themselves, extending to the land that grows and the hands that harvest our plants. Twig + Petal utilizes ecofriendly and biodynamic farming practices and we extend fair labor standards to all our farmers to ensure livable wages. We are proud to participate in outreach programs that create jobs, rehabilitate land, and empower communities on both our local store and global farming levels. After all, we’re harnessing nature’s wellness tools—it’s the least we can do to return the favor.